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The choice to begin psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a significant commitment to yourself, your child, and/or your family. Careful consideration at the beginning of this process is necessary.  Please review the following information.  Ask me any questions you have when we meet. 


The process begins with an evaluation phase to consider your current needs.  Once I have enough information, I will offer my professional recommendations.  At this time we will determine that I have the necessary understanding of your concerns and the skills to treat them before proceeding.


Psychotherapy is intensive and experiential.  Frequent sessions allow me greater contact with your concerns and processes, thus regular attendance and a predictable schedule are crucial for an optimal outcome.

Psychotherapeutic Services I Offer


Individual Adults – emphasis on current functioning, family of origin history, individual attachment style, quality of interpersonal relationships, and/or single-issue treatments


Couples and Families – focus on improving communication patterns and increasing awareness of impact on one another; attention will be paid to ruptures, improving relational skills, and truth-telling within relationship.

Short-term or Out-of-State Clientsclick here.


Intensive Psychotherapyclick here.



  • $225-$275, depending on services rendered

  • 45-minute sessions (individuals) and 55-minutes sessions (individuals, couples and families)

  • I do not accept insurance directly and bill as an out-of-network provider

  • If you have questions about reimbursement rates, contact your carrier to find out about your insurance coverage

  • Payment is due at the end of each session or at the end of the month, whichever you prefer. Payments will be processed via the Simple Practice platform

  • Once payment has been processed, a monthly statement will be provided that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement

Cancellation/Missed-Session Policy


Regular appointments and a predictable schedule are essential for success in psychotherapy

  • Once we have established regular appointment times, those times are for your exclusive use. This arrangement ensures that your therapy receives the priority needed for optimal growth.

  • Please understand that if you need to cancel for any reason, you will still be charged for the time 

  • I do not charge for times that I am away, which averages to 4 weeks total per year

  • I will give as much notice as possible for times I am away

Confidentiality Policy

The confidentiality of our work together is assured except in the following circumstances:

  • I have reason to believe that abuse is occurring despite therapeutic efforts

  • I learn of serious or imminent danger to you or others

  • I am served with a court order

  • You request that information be disclosed to another party

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